Covid First Bday

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jun 7, 2020

  Me celebrating my first Covid 19 Birthday Party today as a high risk, vulnerable person.  I'm a little confused on the Etiquette of a Bday party during a pandemic. Does this Birthday really count?   Does the year 2020 even count?

  1.  Is it still permissible to blow out Birthday Candles or do I use a squirt bottle with water for the candles or maybe my         leaf blower

  2.  Can I still take my finger a swipe some icing off the back of the cake

  3.  In stead of a party I thought of a parade, but in todays times I thought a parade might be confused with other things        going on in todays world.See the source image


On the serious side

   Please take the time if you do know of a older Say Hi and give them a smile 

Little gesture of kindness can go along way in helping someone and your quit