Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on May 26, 2020

Since I have emphysema I have a friend who believes I quit smoking to late.  Now he is 7 years younger than I am and still a 2 pack a day smoker 

I told him I believe I'm Lucky 

I'm lucky I didn't die in the hospital 

I'm lucky the large growth on my upper right lung wasn't cancer

I'm lucky the existing nodule in my lungs haven't grown in 3 plus years  

I'm lucky I have no new growth in my lungs

I'm lucky I'm not on oxygen today

I'm lucky I had to join QuitNet 

I'm lucky I found EX

I'm lucky I have enough breath to enjoy a walk

I'm lucky I only have mild emphysema right now 

I'm lucky I quit when I did

I told him I'm lucky to be where I'm at. 

Now of course he told me he sees none of this being lucky 

I told him he has never been where I was or where I am now. You don't know what it feels like waiting on a biopsy result worrying it may be cancer You don't know the feeling waiting on your lung scan results. Or the feeling of a gasp for air

I told him I hope he never knows but I did congratulate him for qualifying for a yearly lung scan if he ever needs them. 

I told him odds are one day he will have to choose what type of life he wants to live when he gets older 


Yeah I know I should have quit a lot sooner Hell I know I should have never started All my fault

I'm still lucky as I can still choose to stay quit