Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Apr 5, 2020

  As boredom set in today I found a old a plastic storage bin  I found a paper I wrote in 1975 that was typed on a old type writer. You ready for this it was titled "The Effects of Global Cooling"  One of my footnotes was a Time Magazine from 1974. that had a picture of Richard Nixon on the cover.  It stated how since the 1940s the global temperature had dropped 2.7 degrees, It mentioned the persistence and thickness of  ice packs in the waters around Iceland and the migration of the warm loving animals of the Mid-West heading to Texas.  Yes we were headed into a Ice Age .

This was also the year I STARTED SMOKING.  Had to be stress that made me smoke Global Cooling and Richard Nixon 

 Now we have Global Warming and The Covid-19 Virus  Hell not worth smoking over I learned my lesson on top of that I still have a lot to do  I would have added to my paper if possible how I walked across the frozen Ohio River (Cincinnati) in 1977  the only time it has frozen over in my life time


With that I'll leave you a song that I heard today

Natures Way Sprit  1970