Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Mar 19, 2020

  Thru this all, we as a nation need to find hope in each other.  We need to find hope in ourselves.  It's easy to spread fear where there is no hope and actually.  Sometimes it's easier to tear down hope than it is to let it grow. 

Maybe its time to share some goodness With the goodness shown / shared the stronger our HOPE will grow.

We share our goodness our knowledge and spread hope to every new quitter who comes here to quit Remember the uncertainties we had or some of us were scared.  

   Maybe we can all take a moment and share some goodness that has taken place near you or something you heard about during this time of uncertainty'   

  Ohio Siblings Play Cello For Self Quarentined Elderly Neighbor  


  Duke Energy and Other Major Electric Companies Suspending Shut-Offs 


We have always held to the Hope, the Belief, the Conviction that their is a better Life, a better World, 

beyond the Horizon.      Franklin D Roosevelt.


Stay Safe, Strong and Hopeful