Daily Pledge

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Mar 9, 2020

   Thank you for your hand, as I pledge no smoking for me today and offer my free hand to the next winner in line.

Something so simple that helped so early on in my quit.   A daily promise /  giving of my word  I made to the community but more importantly a promise I given to myself.  It was a conscious reminder that I'm giving everything I have to keep my quit. It's a reminder my quit is so important to me I'm giving my word not only to myself but to the others who pledge. 

  Maybe this is something we should preach to the new quitters and maybe it's something we can all do as a community to show just how important our quit is by giving your word. 

 It would be awesome to see how many people we could get to do The Daily Pledge STARTING TODAY till the end of the week    You know after 1,309 days of smoke free living I still try to pledge everyday

My word is something I don't give much because it means so much. My quit is just as important as my word.

Thank you