Simple Man Made Me Do It

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jan 7, 2020

  I'm trying to learn a new song this afternoon "Simple Man" on my harmonica. I just can't seem to get a few areas to sound right I was actually getting / no I did get aggravated  I stopped trying and started to screw around on my harp and I just busted out the best Blues Riff I ever did It left me gasping for air but it Oh so worth it. 

  I would have never been able to do this if I was still sucking poison into my lungs on top of that I'm in the early stages of Emphysema   It feels soooooo good not to smoke and it felt soooooo good to play Best decision was to stay quit!

I pat myself everyday on the back for another day I went smoke free      Hell if football ballplayers can  jump up and down for a silly game, we should be able to pat ourselves on the back for winning each day smoke free

Carl  1,248