What if Relapse

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jan 2, 2020

 I was at my sons grave today He passed away exactly 7 years ago today at the age 26.

He died because he relapsed.  No he wasn't a serial quitter it was his first relapse. You see, with heroin addicts

they usually don't get 2cd or 3rd chances  As most addicts go right back to their normal amount they were using when they quit and their body can't handle it. My granddaughter Skylar never got to meet her dad 

 Now I know studies have shown nicotine and heroin are just as to hard to quit and I believe it.

 I understand relapses and I know it's hard and I will always support anyone. Yet I wonder if nicotine was instantly as deadly as heroin would we as smokers still take the chance?  I know some of us still would. Maybe before taking that first puff we should think of what we have,  what we will be leaving behind and who we will be hurting and I tell you His mother his daughter and I still hurt.  When you take that puff just think is this what you want to lose and cause? That's what is happening you're just doing it slower.   This is my granddaughter Skylar