Maybe a Gift of Music

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Dec 27, 2019

  I received my first harmonica Diatonic Harmonica C in June of 2019 as a B Day present from my sweet wife. Now I can't read music and I am one of those people who can't carry a note.  No in elementary I carried a few notes home from my music teacher telling my parents I couldn't carry a note in a bucket I guess that's why she pinned them on me.

 Christmas Eve I pulled out that harmonica and played a couple of Christmas songs to everyone surprise. With that my youngest brother gets up leaves the room and comes back and hands me a Vintage Hohner Chromatic Harmonica in case and goes I'll never play it. It will take some practice but I'll learn how to play it.  Christmas Morning my son Sam also give me a New Diatonic Harmonica G which I can now play "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young. I know this may not sound so special to some but to me it's special.  Even my oldest granddaughter wants to play "Amazing grace" with me on her flute

 Now I do wish I had these when I first as I think they would have been great crave busters as I used music as it helped the most in the beginning of my quit. 

 It's great for my lungs and I found a great website that teaches you how to play without reading music They show you what holes to exhale or inhale on. Thought I share the pictures Vintage Chromatic 2 Dove tailed solid wood case and spring catch  3 Diatonic G