Physical Reminder

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 26, 2019

Just a thought / idea  In the early part of my quit I made it a habit to carry my hospital bracelet. As at times it was the only thing that helped me thru a crave. I realized I would be out in places where I wouldn't be able to post if I craved.  I still have a dumb phone (flip) or be in a venue where deep breathing, jumping jacks, screaming etc... would not be the best option. What I did find out  is my hospital band was like a celebration coin or chip some 12 step programs give out. I found that if I carried the band with me in my pocket all I had to do is grasp in my hand and remember what smoking did to me That little band gave me strength to beat the crave as a 12 step coin did years ago for me. I'm just wondering if the start of your quit should have something physical to grasp onto Something that will give you strength when needed. Something that will remind Why and the damage smoking caused on you. It could be anything as long as it means something to you that will give you strength  Just a thought as sometimes having something physical lets you know it's real

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

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