You Can't Make It Drink

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 13, 2019

You heard the old saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…"

A smoker (a horse)  thinking about quitting comes to this website and we place all of our knowledge advice and wisdom (water) at their feet. We can't make them drink of even taste the water. The horse may never drink or taste the water.  Do we give up turn our backs and hate the horse because it still smokes.  Or how about the horse that keeps coming back and keeps tasting the water (Slips or Relapse) what ever you wish to call it, Never takes enough water to quench its thirst,  Do we get tired of that horse and chase it away. Or do we get the whip out and beat the horse with tough love and make it drink It works sometimes and it also kills sometimes. We are all different breeds and in different conditions.

Some horses can only drink a little at a time. I've seen on different sites (Not on this one) where quitters actually state they hate smokers and those that continually relapse OH I hate the addiction but I never hated the a horse. I'm not above any old nag I'm just luckier as I drank my fill of the water. We can only keep offering what knowledge we have and hope they drink

Thank you


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