Beautiful Sunday

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 10, 2019

It's was beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Southwest Ohio I was sitting out on the back porch enjoying the cool temp 46F the sun shinning down on me My hot cup of coffee playing a simple song "What a Wonderful World" on my harmonica. A smile and a warmth came over me

I was sitting in the same chair at this same table where I would sit by myself slowly killing myself by smoking. This morning my wife was out there with me GoGo my dog was laying in a chair next and I'm playing a harmonica (I taught myself to play.Helps my lungs with COPD) I wondered how, in the beginning of my quit I thought I was giving up something special, a friend, my go to support. Look at all the things cigarettes gave me. When I turned it around awhile ago and began seeing what I've been missing Staying quit became easier Like this morning is just 1 example, how many moments like this have cigarettes taken from me.

Yes it has turned into a Wonderful World since I quit smoking I owe it to my wife and all the support and friendship I found at QuitNet as I know you all have found the same here at the EX. I'm happy to be here at the EX and have my quit continue to grow stronger thru your help and friendship Thank you


Yes it till is a Bright Sunny Warm Sunday Here 58F