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Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 6, 2019

     There came a time in my life / quit where all of the sudden things made sense. It hit me like a ton of bricks or Sister Mary Leary pointer back in the 5th grade

I was in the second year of my quit The last time I thought about a cigarette was at my son grave and it was just a passing thought. At that point I realized life gives you what it gives you a mixture of good and bad. If I dwell only on the bad I might as well give up, I might as well smoke or go back to my other addictions and have that LIFE SUCKING I don’t care attitude and die a hateful, miserable old man. But, if I dwell upon the good things in life I’ll be happy and those around will be happy also. I can go forever and give myself any excuse to smoke (excuses are lies). I can give myself just as many reasons (reasons are truths to yourself) not to smoke It all comes down to this for me. I choose to work on my problems and not let my problems work on me. I choose to be happy and dwell upon the good. I choose not to smoke I choose to live and deal with the bad the best I can

We can't control what life gives us be it good or bad We can control how we hande what life gives us I owe the good people / friends at Quitnet for my quit so far. I know Iwillbe saying th same about those here at the EX as I continue journey

Thank you

Cousin Itt aka Carl