Quit Blog Day 2

Blog Post created by Corrie86 on Mar 14, 2019

Day 2

And it begins... The restless nights that I don't sleep well. I have been here before, but I forget how long it lasts. I do need my sleep, but I need to break a bad habit more. I am told the sleep will come back.

Yesterday was super productive! I can't believe how much more work can be done when I don't take a break between each task. Eg. Dishes, smoke, vacuum, smoke, mop, smoke... I just gained a few hours of my day back.

It's handy that the kids are home, making more work. They can destroy a house faster than I can keep up with. But that's just great job security!

Another maybe silly thing... I smell nice! I always wanted to be that lady that smelled good. I shampooed my hair, threw all stinky clothes in the laundry, cleaned our sheets. Everything just smells great!