For Those Who Still Smoke

Blog Post created by Corrie86 on Mar 14, 2019

Still day 2, but I just wanted to share, plus, typing keeps me busy!

I found this community after I resolved and prepared to quit, I stumbled onto it while searching for tips and help on the very day I quit.

Now, I notice there are a bunch of people who are here before their actual quit date. 

I am not sure how everyone else feels, but there have been failures in my past, but I learned how to beat them!

Through research, I discovered I was only setting myself up for failure. I tried to cut out cigarettes, sugar, carbs... Too much at once. Those types of changes are done with baby steps at a time.

Also, smoking saps your body of much needed nutrients, like vitamin C. I have always had low blood pressure, low Iron, low B12, pretty much low everything! Then smoking depleted them even more, leaving me with hardly any energy and all, makingmak lifestyle more sedentary. Not good. No wonder I could not muster much willpower!

Making small changes to my diet and activities actually helped in my resolve to go further!

So, if you feel like THAT day is looming like a dark storm on the horizon, just know that we've ALL been there, and giving yourself a healthier lifestyle first will strengthen your focus and willpower!!

Also, on just day 2, I notice a major difference. Yes, that's right, you can feel the benefits from Day 1!! My circulation has definitely improved. I sleep less, but have tons of energy, it's just past lunch, and usually nap time, but I feel wide awake, and ready to take on the rest of the day!