Relapse is such sweet sorrow...

Blog Post created by CoraLynnWhiteFontaine33 on Jan 13, 2021

    I have made it 13 days into my journey of being smoke free. My husband had also, until about 20 minutes ago when I found him smoking. I am not happy about it. We talked about it. He gave excuses like well I just need one every now and then or i really needed it or you've done it a lot. The truth is yes, I have done it a lot, the difference is I did not do it this time. The truth is he relapsed a few days ago when he started hinting around that he wanted a cigarette. He just finally went through with the smoking portion of it though. I am sorry that it came to this with him. I am not going to let it get me down or get in the way of my recovery. I cherish this quit too much. So here I am not taking a puff when my biggest line of support just did. God help me. 13 days of freedom- Cora