Smoke Detector

Blog Post created by CoraLynnWhiteFontaine33 on Jan 3, 2021

    My husband and I went to visit his sister who was being visited by their cousin. When we walked in I felt fine, I was introduced and we all sat down to watch t.v. and visit. It started out with what was being watched, Married With Children; I absolutely hate that show, because people treat each other so rudely, so I was already perturbed. I then looked around and I saw that the cousin had cigarettes on thr floor beside her. I was not happy but I decided to ride it out. Knowing that hubbys sister is a smoker, I tried to make an excuse to leave by myself for a little while after an hour of being there. I went to the store because I needed to return something anyway. I took my time, after all I wanted my hubby to visit with his family. So when I got back I was sitting there and after about another hour, they both started to light up at the same time. My lungs filled with the acrid smoke and I thought I was going to be sick. I went to the bathroom just to get away again. When I had been in there until the point of embarrassment, I came out of the bathroom. It smelled horrible and I felt disgusted. I told my hubby that we needed to go. I felt bad for a few minutes because I did want them to visut, but then I realized that my quit is very important to me and that nothing was worth losing my quit, but also nothing is worth being around that nasty smoke. Thank God my husband was not upset, and we held hands all the way home. I am pleased with this outcome, and I am going to stay away from pretty much everyone outside of my house for a while, especially smokers.

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