Songs of Sobriety

Blog Post created by CoraLynnWhiteFontaine33 on Dec 6, 2020


(A poem about quitting smoking)


I used to love you more than anything,

I still see you nightly in my dreams,

But something I have come to understand,

You have made me feel less than who I am.


I try to forget you everyday,

In every single possible way,

But you still seem to linger on,

Because of our unnatural bond.


I have choice words to say to you,

No matter what you choose to do,

I have decided to say goodbye,

I guess I'll leave you asking why


There is nothing you could ever say,

To make me go back to my old ways,

I will never forgive you,

For the trouble we got into.


I will go my own separate way,

And be able to say I'm clean today,

I know you I'll never forget,

But I can leave without regrets.



Without You

(A poem about the folly of smoking and the love of Jesus's mercy)


Without you

There is nothing I can do

But move on

Into a brand new dawn


Tried to forget

It makes me so upset

I've been made new

But I'm nothing without you


You took my hand

Led me into the promised land

Made me forget

All of my regrets


You cleansed my soul

Made me absolutely whole

Forgive mankind

For being so blind


They won't see you

Even though you are the TRUTH

You are the light

You give the blind sight


I know it is true

I'm nothing without you


Right on Cue

(A poem about smoking and finding freedom)


You used to be my favourite chum

But you turned me into a bum

Now there's only one thing left to say

So please don't ruin anyone elsr this way.


At first you were my best friend

Thought we'd be together to the end

But now I can't see you anymore

You've left my heart an open sore


So come on now just walk by

I felt like I was gonna die

Didn't think that I could live

Without the love you had to go


You took away my memories

Left me alone without saying please

You I can no longer entertain

Because I want to heal my bain


Finally I am thinking clean

And my eyes can clearly see

And I can final move along

With you my life was so wrong


So just think now of what you've done

Kept me constantly on the run

Now there is nothing left to do

I'm leaving this stage right on cue