first day back

Blog Post created by Clickclick46 on Sep 4, 2018

Today is my first day back after falling off for a time. I quit in November 2017, and slowly started smoking again the spring. By April or May I was smoking a few a day again and buying packs, by summer I was back to where I'd been and then some. My doctor brought my back down to earth and convinced me to try again right away. This time I'm on medication to help me quit, Wellbutrin, and patchs hopefully for a few months even though I hate them. It wasn't fun adjusting to the medication, but I do like it now and plan to stay on it for the forseeable future. 

My concern is getting through this week with stress and not having a break down. I have 5 (FIVE!!!!!) papers due, finals to study for, Im low on money, starting a new job, have finals coming up. Its a lot to add quitting to the equation right now, but I had already chosen labor day as my quit day, and I plan to stick to it. 

I met some smokers the other day, over cigarettes they were telling me about his COPD and her chronic bronchitis.  No offensive to anyone, but I don't want that for my future, and I am going to need to act now to prevent it. 

My past attempt was fumbled because I got tired of constantly wanting a cigarette, sick of batting away the feelings of craving and hoping I could just sneak one and nothing would happen. I was constantly on a hunt for some loophole, or some excuse, so that I could just have one this once... just have one a day... just have a couple in the evening.... ok I guess im smoking again Ill quit soon. I know that this time medication will help that, not blowing off this resource here on becomeanex will help, staying on pathes for a long period of time will help, and staying away from people who are going to smoke in front of me will help.