Quitnet Quitter saying "Hi"

Blog Post created by ClearColors on Nov 4, 2019

HI All,


I am new here and one of the quitters from Quitnet, as Quitnet will be closing down January 6. 2020, 9 am. Eastern Time.  I've had my quit since 11/22/04... knock wood with the help of Quitnet. I'm grateful to be here;  I know I will miss Quitnet, so I have a lot of mixed emotions. 


   One of the Quitnet quitters,  bobgray9 eloquently wrote about Quitnet closing.  We have a wonderful quitter who started a quit site for the "refugees" of Quitnet called NOPE365. 


   Quitnet is (was) international, so not all of the quitters from Quitnet who would like to come here are not able to, I'm told.


   It will take me a while to navigate around here.  Looking forward to meeting you!


Heads up to WhispersQSMB and nobuttsforme and WEWIN


**You guys have a great font here!  I can read it!








to life~