Freddie Go Away.

Blog Post created by Cimstrong on Feb 27, 2017

Good morning , I'm new at this,but I need to fight this crazy cravings. 

I now have 13 days of smoke free,but sometimes I feel as if that may be it. I won't let that happen,but I really thought it would be a little easier by now.

On the eve of day 12 NIC, Who I refer to as Freddie came at me at a total new direction. He blind sided me and stuck around for a long time. He was VERY convincing. 

Yesterday day 13, I thought "oh good Freddie the creep has got my message",nope,no he didn't. He took a different approach. He waited till my mind wondered as I was driving. As I pulled in a local gas station. I climbed out of my truck and it hit me.... "Why the heck was I here?" Then Freddie said" come on just one, you know you miss them and hey it's OK to slip" . 

Dang that was close. I got back in my truck, grabbed my straw and drove home Smoke free! 

And as if that was the end of it,Freddie invaded my dreams to the point that I awoke,swore I could smell cigarette smoke. He messed with my mind from 1:30 am to 5:00 am. I was unable to sleep. I never expected to have urges so bad that i actually thought i could smell cigarette smoke. 

So let's just fast forward to 9:00 am. Freddie has been annoying me off and on all morning. I have to admit at times I feel he has worn me down. I will stay strong and I will make it,but what the heck,when will Freddie stop or weaken instead of getting stronger?