Finding our new normal

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on May 19, 2019

 There are times in our lives that we must face great adversity. Sometimes these things can derail a quit because somehow we see this smoking addiction as a comfort. A way to fill a hole that just can’t be filled. Thankfully I didn’t fall into that trap that we can so easily create for ourselves.


You see, eight years ago I chose to change my future. I chose to look to that future that I wanted so badly to guide me and I put out that last cigarette with a belief that I would never smoke again.


This didn’t happen without a bit of work to get ready to transition to a new life, but every bit of preparation that I did paid off in such an incredible way because now I have the biggest gift I could ever give myself. Freedom from a smothering addiction.


Did I see it as a gift when I first quit? Absolutely not. In fact, like many of you I thought the hard part would never end. Like you, I fought through those first days slowly finding the belief that I was going to win. I had my ups and downs, but never did I lose sight of that shining banner of freedom that I intended to wave high over my head, proudly declaring my freedom to all at last!


When I knew I had a tough day coming during the beginnings of my quit, I’d fear it simply because I didn’t know whether this day would present me with a trigger that could make me cave. But by fearing that day, I also prepared just a little more for it. Like those first days when we quit and prepare for the worst, I did the same before those tough days.


Sure, thoughts of smoking entered my mind on those days but like the first days, I was ready. I knew I’d have to fight just a little harder to get through and over time as I faced these hard days, it became more normal to live them without the cigarette. And once an event becomes normal, we begin to believe in ourselves and not only our ability to remain free, but we reinforce our belief in our desire for freedom as well.


Most of us create a tool box before we quit, filled with all the ideas, supplies, knowledge and suggestions we find during our preparation that we hope will help on those first hard days. It’s wise to keep those tools handy for a while longer, but eventually you won’t need them for you see you’ll have found that wonderful peace that awaits each and every one of us if we’re just willing to fight to get there.


My addiction is now completely separated from the problems that life throws at me. In fact, the thought of smoking a cigarette never crosses my mind for any reason at all. Even if I think of a cigarette it has no power over me and is now simply an image of the mind. A picture that has no meaning.


This is what drives that amazing peace and freedom at the end of our quits for you see, the world really is different now. For me, it’s now my normal not to smoke! I can’t wait to see you get there. There’s just no better feeling!