Day 213 - Life just keeps getting better!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Sep 22, 2011

Well, I really have been enjoying this new smoke free life of mine. It just makes almost everything feel new to me. The freedom is new. The extra time I have is new. The smells, the breaths and so much more! These are some of the benefits that await you when you quit. These are good reasons to quit and I haven’t even mentioned health and quality of life!


There’s just something special about taking back our lives from an evil enemy that just doesn’t seem to see reality. There’s something about kicking that enemy to the curb that just fills one with the wonders of life! Perhaps it’s because when we quit, we have the time to see that wonderful world that’s out there. Because we’re doing a positive thing it in turn brings the positive into focus. It helps us to find a peace that we might never have found were it not for our belief in ourselves and our love of life that is found when we lose an addiction.


So yes, there are so many wonderful things that happen to us when we quit and the cool thing is that these things reside in our hearts and in our souls. It’s the little things that we can’t see and yet feel that brings us to the land of freedom.


I gotta tell ya, in the last couple of weeks I have managed to do the one thing I hadn’t done since I quit, mainly because it was something that always had cigarettes strongly involved in it. And that is writing! I forgot how fun it is to write a story and create the characters that soon will be brought to life on the written page. And I found that I’m ten times more productive with this little hobby of mine, simply because the cigarettes are no longer associated with what I’m doing. This gives me a freedom like I’ve never had before. I have more time and I can now concentrate fully without the evil weed interfering with all that I do.


So never, ever think that what your doing isn’t worth it! Never believe for even a second that life will not change for the good. Our addictions will try to tell us that all this trouble involved with quitting just isn’t worth the time. Our addictions will tell us that life simply can’t be good without those cigarettes. Our addictions will tell us that we’re never going to make it to the freedom that we desire to feel so badly.


But these are false statements that come from our addicted minds. These are the thoughts that could end our resolve if we listen to them. These are the thoughts that we don’t need as we scratch and fight our way to freedom. After all, it’s our future that’s important. It’s our future that we’re changing. And I’m right here along with so many others to tell you that first of all, the journey really does get easier by degrees. The journey does find a kind of ending down the road.


The journey’s end is something that lives within our minds. It’s something that comes when we really reach that acceptance that we don’t smoke anymore. It comes when we can at last step back and look at the whole picture that is ourselves and smile because we know that although it seems like the world has changed the reality is that it is us that has changed. It’s us who never gave in and can now win the rewards of life that comes with the end of this journey.


So keep you chin up, attack Mt. Freedom like it’s the climb of your life for the reality is that it really is. Take each little set back and each rough hurdle as a thing of strength for every time you overcome yet another hurdle. Every time you live through yet another unexpected craving. Every time you spend another week getting ever closer to attaining your goal, you are one step closer to freedom. And with every step that you take in the direction of that freedom you are one step closer to a life that is just beautiful.


So make this fight the fight of your life. Look to the summit of Mt. Freedom which is the goal that you so badly want. Look closely and you’ll see the banner of freedom waiting for you at the top. Waiting for you to waive it proudly for all to see. And when you can at last look down the slopes. When you can look back at all that you’ve accomplished then this is the day that you can smile to yourself. This is the day that you will know in your very heart and soul that this was a climb that was worth it. This was a climb into your destiny! This was a climb like no other because this was a climb to freedom!