Day 94 " Discoveries"

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on May 26, 2011

Boy what a journey this has been! It started seemingly so long ago and yet I know that in reality the passage of time has been miniscule compared to how long I smoked. I’ve lived the memories and actually at times embraced those memories of smoking just to get them out of my system. It was a rather unique exercise that paid off in the end. I simply sat there and thought about those times I smoked in the past. And you know what? Over time those memories lost their power over me.


It was almost as if I was playing with my internal addict and that this part of my brain was responding to this visualization exercise, taking away the power that it once had. In other words, it never really made me crave a cigarette once I dealt with those memories. I wouldn’t have tried this before I was very confident in my quit but to me it was well worth the time.


And the triggers! They seem to be all but nonexistent these days. In other words, when I experience one of those stressful moments where I used to always reach for a cigarette, the association between smoking and the given life event is no longer there. It may seem amazing to those of you just starting out on the journey but it really does happen!


Day by day, week by week, month by month and I’m sure year by year it does get better. It really does end! Much care is needed right now I know. I do heed the warnings of no man’s land but at the same time I’m enjoying the progression of my quit. I’m relishing in the fact that it really is getting easier. I’m beginning to believe that over time the world really is just as bright a place if not a brighter place without cigarettes.


So hang in there my friends! It may be a struggle at first but it really, really does get easier. It really does become a thing that can be placed on the back burner. It really is the wonderful life changing experience that we’ve always believed it would be.


And so I continue the climb up the beautiful slopes of Mt. Freedom and feel that the summit is so close. I feel like the hardest of the climb is past me and that I have attained the top of the final knife ridge that leads to the summit. I’m fixing ropes for you to follow if you desire for the path doesn’t have to be a mystery. The path doesn’t have to be any harder then we make it and most of all, I want to see all of you at the top, standing in the bright sunshine and breathing the thin air of freedom that tastes so sweet.


All you have to do is keep your eye on that summit and never forget why you started the climb. Never forget that with each faltering step we gain confidence. We gain momentum and in the end we really are finally free!