Am having a pity party

Blog Post created by Christophina on Jun 4, 2017

No one is invited. 

I am going to blow my nose, comb my hair and go buy icecream or chocolate or both.

My clothes still fit.

I will not buy tobacco, though this is the worst day.

I was a happy quitter for a few days.  

What went wrong?

Unreasonable behaviour by my son saw me lose my temper yesterday.


Drained and tearful today. 

Went for a long walk with my dog through fields and woods I hadn't visited before.

Everything looked so beautiful. 

Came home and watched a wild life programme about dwindling numbers of giraffes in Africa. 

And then extended news about terrorist attacks in London last night.

One Love Manchester concert about to start. 


Peeled 3 onions and smashed 2 garlics and added to a pot of haricot beans.