One week later....

Blog Post created by Christophina on May 27, 2017


I did the work

Set the date

Soaked up your advice

Nicotine free for one week.

I still carry a Nicotine mouth spray and am enjoying not using it.

I might enjoy smashing it with a hammer later today.

My cure for a three minute craving:

Throw a dice

1. Suck a frozen grape

2. Drink cold water

3. Look out a window

4. Pull a weed

5. Look in studio for inspiration

6. Listen to a song


Something about throwing a dice impels me to do the task. 


During the last six weeks I have joined a pilates class, a bouncy exercise class and I treated myself to a session with a personal trainer once a week. I noticed feeling happier and stronger after the first couple of sessions. On the other days I walk my dog on footpaths we haven't explored before.


I am more fun to be with...says my higher self to myself  


All this since I found you. Thanks x