Whats happening.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Oct 9, 2020

So I've been wanting to blog for a couple of days here.  All heck is breaking loose here right now.


My Aunt is in hospice, my grandson was just diagnosed with a mood disorder and started anti-depressants and councilling.  My nephew is in California, he is a only child and he is a professor.  He is having a nervous breakdown.  Brian's brother flew there yesterday, to get him in to see psychiatrist, and hospital.  I am having a Thanksgiving dinner here on Monday, invited my daughter and son-in-law to come, but she doesn't like my parents and turned me down flat.  So what can I do???  Nothing, not one thing except pray. I am a worrier, and worry about everyone, the only thing I can control is me and whether I smoke or not.  I am planning on cooking and cleaning all weekend.  I'm thankful I won't be alone this Thanksgiving.  I am thankful, that my grandson is getting the help he needs, and Thankful my nephew will too.

My Aunt is 95 years old and she's always been a character!!  She went downhill skiing when she was 90!!  She raised a family alone.  She's lived the life she wanted to, even tho it wasn't easy she did well, and thrived.  She's had a good life.  She lives in another province, but her ashes will be buried here with her parents.  Another life ending, sad, but we will remember her for her strong will and determination.

I feel better now that I have unloaded.

The beat goes on.