New Hope

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Apr 14, 2020

Hi, the last week or so I've been feeling really depressed and down on myself.  Then yesterday I talked to our Marilyn on the phone.  She perked me up and I woke up to a better day, beginning with getting on and keeping on.

All I can say, is when you are down on yourself it doesn't help to beat yourself up further.  I continue to do the best I can do, each day.  I don't know where this is going, but I thank god for true friends, and the ability to get up and function each day.  Spring is a tough time for me, the changing of seasons, and Brian isn't here.  I do look forward to warmer days and sitting out on the deck and doing some social distancing visiting.  I know smoking isn't and hasn't helped me any.

i keep foraging ahead.  Trying when there is almost no will left.  I won't give up hope tho, it's all up to me!!