In Tough Times

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Mar 24, 2020

You've all pulled me through some very tough times in my life.  I am finding out that I am a lot tougher than I ever thought.  What better time to stop smoking has never come.  It's time for us to all take a deep breath and say for today I will continue on no matter what happens.  To be smoke free is a goal, and each day if we can work through our issues with life we will stay smoke free.  I will stay smoke free!!  I am very blessed, because I can work through these emotional issues with the quit without affecting my Brian.  It will all be what it will be, things will work out for our world, and if it comes crashing down then, we will strive to rebuild.  I had a good smoke free day, I got to talk to my daughter and my cousin and my 91 year old Dad.  Reach out, call someone, in your family, or text a friend.  We will all be ok.  Keep calm and carry On, that is my motto these days and I'm doing it!!