MRI today.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Sep 12, 2019

Hi my friends, I'm going for an MRI today to check to see if I have a brain aneurism.  It's hereditary, and my mom had one burst in her brain 12 years ago she almost died, but after a stroke and having a tracheostomy after 3 months in hospital and a lot of work she was able to get home.  The doctor said it's very important that all us kids get checked.  (My doctor wouldn't send me for one until now)

I am hoping test results will be good.  I have to take a cab way out across the city, I can't wait until this test is over with.  I am hoping that they don't use any dye because I am allergic to shellfish dye.  I'm a bit nervous.

This doesn't have anything to do with smoking or not, but if there is anything I have a much better chance at recovery, without smoking if they have to do an operation.