The changes I like!!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Sep 1, 2019

Ready for some changes here in my life now that I am a nonsmoker.  Today I ordered a vivofit 3 online, step counter.(Usually my only thing I buy is groceries)  It's like a fitbit but way less expensive.  I love the way my long hair smells, and I've found that there is so much to do, here in the house, that I've neglected for so long!!  I did and am taking inventory of my house, and all the work that needs to be done.  Yesterday I spent 2 1/2 hours deep cleaning and organizing, and boy did I ever feel good about that, was pouring sweat after vacuuming 14 steps to go upstairs.  Now that just goes to show how out of shape my body is.  There was no rapid breathing tho, that I used to get before.   Bonus!!  I loved it that I didn't have to go out in the rain and cold weather to smoke, and that will be even better when it hits -50 below here during the winter.

I am having my parents over for a bbq today and looking so forward to it!!  If you wonder why I'm rambling, it's to get through a crave, lol.  I am also looking forward to a much better complexion.  I am old at age 64, but by gosh, life is great!!  My cat Ruby Tuesday and I are getting along beautifully together.  Life is so good, when you find new alternatives to smoking.  Why not be loving yourself, instead of hiding behind that awful smokescreen!!