Big Party Tonight.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Jun 22, 2019

Hi Just checking in to tell you I am going to a big party and bbq for my parents tonight for their 70th wedding anniversary!  I have a ton of things to bring and I've written a speech too, which I'm a bit nervous about doing.  Yeah I woke up jittery today, go figure.  I will have to find my way to the hall, I hope I don't get lost.  Don't worry about me drinking because there won't be any booze there, just soft drinks, water, punch, and de-alcohized beer.


Odd how even fun things can make you want to smoke, and being jittery too and stressed.  My parents will be renewing their vows today too.  That part is a surprise and I hope they want to do that.


I've got most of the stuff packed in the car now.  I'm excited.  Not everyday you get to celebrate 70 years of love!!


It's a cloudy day, and I'm hoping it doesn't rain.


Best of all, nobody smokes, and I won't be either!