Update on my Dad.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on May 29, 2019

They were supposed to do surgery on him June 24th the day before their 70th wedding anniversary.  It has been cancelled due to low blood.  I am kind of glad because the surgery is dangerous at this point, but he is feeling poorly, and very short of breath and tired.  I think he needs a blood transfusion.  I will maybe ask to go with him to see his Dr. June 8th.  I don't know how much time I have left with my dear Dad, but it doesn't look good at this point.  There is such a bond between him and my Mom.  I don't think she'd live long without him.  So I pray he lives to celebrate their anniversary on June 25th.  I am very sad, and I know he is disappointed that they can't do surgery.  It's all up to god now.  I take comfort in the fact that he has lived so long a life and such a good one.  Love you guys!!