Dark day

Blog Post created by Christine13 on May 6, 2019

Hi, today was a day without hope.  Going to scatter part of my husband Brian's ashes on May 11th at the park.  Couldn't arrange a time with family so I will do it alone there on what would have been our 45th wedding anniversary.

Will hopefully spread the rest of his ashes in July.  I am alone.  I can't say when I'll be back.  I am hoping someday soon.  Haven't been able to keep quit.  Altho I've tried everything on God's green earth to do it.  Falling here, and failing.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I look forward to it, altho, every day seems like Ground Hog day, you know the movie with Bill Murray.  Each day he tries to better himself until he wakes up with his dream girl.  I am always striving to better myself.