Better Days ahead!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Mar 2, 2019

If I could I would.  Go for a nice long walk.  I broke a small bone in my foot last Monday.  It's healing and I've been trying to stay off it.  Today however, I'm craving and going to get moving and pick up and vacuum.  Got a boot on so that will help.  I am always in awe at all the incredible things Young at heart does and I'm hoping some of that will rub off on me.  My Dad had a set back and got bronchitis, but hopefully is on the mend now.

I went through a period of depression in February, and now I'm out of that funk and doing better again.

The lure of smoking has been with me every day.  I have started to take better care of myself this last week.  Cooking good healthy meals and taking all prescribed medication.  March can be my bad month, because I had my first major breakdown mentally then and was hospitalized for exhaustion.  Anyway, I want to end this and just say I'm going to make it another good day.  Feeling a bit sad tho right now, i have such a hard time staying quit - just like we all do.

I will look at all the benefits of being smoke free.  Clean hair, time to do my nails and read and crochet, fresh breath, altho in the mornings it feels like jungle breath, LOL.