ok, so what's missing

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Nov 20, 2018

It's not my smokes, I am grateful to say.  I had a hair stylist appointment today, and i think I like the cut and colour.

Hadn't been there since last February, so I think I deserved the treat.  I came home, ordinarily it would be a date night with Brian and he would give me the critique on my hair and then he would take me out for dinner.  I came home to an empty house today, but all was okay,

because he is where he needs to be, and so am I.  I did not miss lighting up and swallowing my feelings and dignity.

Tomorrow smoker's help line will call, and I'll be able to say I did NOT buy cigarettes.  It's all a series of firsts,without him, and my smokes. and my biggest reason now to stay smoke free is it stinks!!  I don't want to stink anymore.  I am working on day 7 today.

I actually want this to work now.