More stress not smoking over it, there will always be stress!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Nov 9, 2018

Just wanted to update you on how things are going.  Water and plumbing issues, been without water for four days now.  Pipe leaking in the basement under the water meter.  City had trouble on their end turning off the water outside, and had to do a dig on my neighbour's property.  ( We are in a quadruplex, and the turn off valve is on his property Anyway they got that done yesterday and left the water on.  I had called a plumber to make an appointment for today, they said they could only get here between 12 and 2:00 so I booked the appointment. That was THE ONLY appointment I could get!! City came out to turn off water this morning so I'd be ready, and neighbour yelled at city guy, then I yelled at anal retentive neighbour, and he yelled at me, he yelled where is your plumber, I explained he would be here this afternoon and city guy said he'd come back to turn water off in a couple of hours.  I just pray he does come back.  Had a fight with the city last night cause they said they couldn't come till Saturday.  Then they agreed to come today and neighbour pitches his fit!!  Neighbour is a bully and I won't be bullied!!  Anyway, I'm staying strong and not smoking over this.  I'm praying for peace and understanding between my neighbour and myself.  I am praying it will all get done and that I'll have water tonight.

I am praying city comes back before noon to turn the water off.  I am praying for no smoking for myself today.