Please Help and prayers for my friend Joanne

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Aug 14, 2018

I'm writing to you all this morning, because I am craving, and feeling very stressed about my good friend Joanne who called me yesterday to say, she has a non alcoholic fatty liver with a tumour.  She is waiting to get a CT scan done,

and I am terrified for her.  She called me yesterday and was sobbing on the phone.  I tried to stay calm for her and talk her through her fears.  He mom died 2 years ago of liver cancer.  She is an only child.  She is married and has one son, who is age 21 and lives with his father, who is going to go live in another country.  Please pray for her that her tumour isn't cancerous and that she will just have to live with and get treated for a fatty liver.  Joanne and I are very close.

The shock of it all hit me this morning.  I am not smoking, because I know that won't change her outcome.  I was however craving bigtime, which now by blogging is just about gone.  I just lost Brian, I don't want to loose her too.

She is the sweetest kindest person there is and her life has been a struggle.  Please pray for a good outcome for her.