Please pray for my daughter and her family.

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Jul 10, 2018

An urgent request from youngest daughter lives in San Jose, California.  They are being evacuated due to  forest fire down the street.  They have a sick dog who needs surgery, and right now my daughter is there alone while her husband rushes home from work.  Please pray for their families safety!!  I am petrified at this moment.  Cherie, my daughter is trying to pack important papers, I won't know until later if they got out or if they are safe, or where they will go!!!  She says she has an emergency pack to take.  Luna their dog is really ill and needs surgery within the next week.

I am really concerned for their safety.  I'm anxious as any mother would be.  Please say a prayer for them or send positive vibes their way!!  Yesterday it was just the $10,000.00 for Luna's surgery that was on the line, now it is there safety and future.

Love you all.