Starting Today I leave my abuser behind

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Jul 9, 2018

Someone pointed out to me today that cigarettes are my abuser.  Well, I'm ready to be free today!

I've been taking the Chantix, and I feel it will help me with this.  I have been following instructions to the letter, and even tho I had some problems in the beginning with bad side effects I am willing to keep going.  Today I will get my quit kit together with straws and cinnamon sticks, and I have carrots and celery to munch on, I will also get some liqorish as a treat.  Today I also find out if my daughter has to put down her dog Luna.  She has splayed legs, and if it's not possibly to do surgery then she won't be able to support her weight anymore, she weighs 90 lbs. and she is only six months old.  I pray for the best outcome for her and my daughter loves her so much.  She is a Great Dane and if she comes through this and grows up she will weigh 140 lbs.  Anyway, this just happens to co-inside with my quit date.  

I will keep trying to de-stress by using breathing and Yoga and by keeping busy.  I am waiting for her call.

I am ready to get on with my quit no matter what happens today!