Looking for fun and laughter now!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Nov 27, 2017

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to say it's been a really good 3 weeks or so.  There has been a lot less stress with Brian and I'm learning to handle things better without resorting to smoking or drinking.  I bought myself some lifesavers at the grocery store and now when I want a tasty little pick me up I have one.  He's gone to get his pump in this morning and wasn't feeling good today, and hopefully blood transfusions this week.  Since I've quit smoking I've been finding my original self again and my goofy sense of humour is coming back!  It's good to laugh again and to have people laugh at me or with me!!  I feel so good in my own skin, comfortable.  When I have a crave I just get busy and do something here and I've been really busy!!  Tomorrow night I go out to a girl's Christmas dinner and there should be about 18 of us.  None of them smoke, so no I won't be tempted.  I still have my triggers and I am aware of them, most of them anyway.  I think I'm actually learning to accept my quit as a new way of life which I've struggled with a long time.

It isn't about luck, but the timing of your quit can be important I think.  I want to thank all of my EX family for your support and always backing me up even when I was in failure mode.  I pray I am out of that now.  Sending love and smiles to all of you on this wonderful Monday!!