Blog Post created by Christine13 on Nov 15, 2017

Hi, I'm writing because I'm anticipating the stress that will come with trying to get Brian through another weekend.

We had a really good week last week which was a blessing.  Now his blood is 81 and he needs two units of blood.

He says he feels weak today.  They won't transfuse him until Monday, because of all the antibodies he has from all the transfusions.  This may mean another ER trip this weekend if he can't wait until Monday.  Already my sick nico-addicted brain is saying, "Well, you should smoke!"  "You know you can't make it without it."  Well, hello.........I don't smoke or drink to get thru stress anymore.  I can get through this without you!!  I can and I'll, see, so just shutup and go take a hike.  I am NOT smoking over this!!!  Phew, glad that's settled.