Glad I stopped back! You guys are awesome!

Blog Post created by Christine12252016 on May 2, 2017

You guys are great. Thank you for all the encouragement. I'm thinking it was a good thing that I decided to come here earlier today and write a short blog, because... Afterwards, my friend called me up and asked me to go out to eat. We did. This person is a smoker, but respectful of my having quit. But after a couple of drinks, we decided to go to the casino.

I've not been to the casino in a long time (since before quitting). And my friend smokes like a fiend! It was a great test for me. And I can say for myself that I passed with flying colors.  Besides, I think I breathed in enough second hand smoke, that it was as if I smoked a pack. 


I say that it was a good thing that I stopped in earlier because I was able to read some of your comments and feel the support before I went out on that little test adventure. THANK YOU to all who responded. You're amazing.  sophia-22 gregp136 @jennifer_quit_05-01-14 elvan @