Who would have thunk?

Blog Post created by Chris265 on Apr 2, 2019

I always worried that I would be the person trying to smoke out of a hole in my throat – that no matter how bad the circumstances the desire to smoke would be greater.


WRONG!!!  I am proud to say that I have now been quit for six years!!!


Understanding the addiction as opposed to the desire, or reducing stress, or whatever other nutty things we tell ourselves was key.  The Allen Carr book was powerful for me, and that book led me to many other readings.  Then there was Ex community – with all of the helpful people, support, shared knowledge and a sense of family. I haven’t clicked with the new site – but do read updates on occasion and it’s neat to see many of the same faces that were here when I started.  And I am always happy to see new quitters!


So thanks to the active elders for all the good work you do.  And to the newly quit – Stick with it.  You can do this!