Back to getting a routine

Blog Post created by ChereeAlyssa on Sep 4, 2019

I was excited to try and ease back into running ā™€... it is unbelievable how quick you can get out of shape. 

Most miserable ever. 

Yesterday I did some light body weight workouts. 

Just need to continue building on that.


then it was back to normal chores. Mowing the lawn cutting tree limbs that were blocking the lawn & picking “gross” green apples (that’s what we call them ) for my coworker.


reason why gross green apples. I guess they are meant for canning or apple pies. We were excited to not buy them from store our first year in this rental. So we bite into one and OMG gross. Lol 

Fun memories. 


But plenty of purple plums if the birds don’t get to them again this year before we can. Red plums they got all of them in a week