How do they ALL find me?!!    I swear it’s a smoker conspiracy when I quit. Lol

Blog Post created by ChereeAlyssa on Sep 3, 2019

I’m not sure how the first 24 hours of not smoking, this has happened to someone...


I get in car and it seems like everyone who smokes in their car either passes me or hits every stop light I’m at (Mind you I’ve never smoked in either of my vehicles) and just this cloud of smoke comes at me.. ** so gross.


then.... I get to the grocery store. Every smoker I swear is parked near the front or next to the door just smoking away WHY?! Lol. 

I got out of there fast enough but now I’m angry and have a headache.. lol.


deep breathes. Drink some water & calming down. 


Moral of of my story I’m happy now that I have my cheese stick lol  


also, I’m glad to not of been that type of smoker.. park in a distance, next to the creeps and weirdo rows. Then park closer if you must