Why I am really here

Blog Post created by Chelseayoung28 on Mar 5, 2019

I come from step dad smoked and my mother step dad has been my angel for over 4yrs now...December 2018 the 16th my entire family was at my sisters for a Christmas 3am my son was woke by my mother telling him to come get me, she couldn’t breath....she smoked constantly, she had asthma, COPD, a few other smoking related issues and had already been in the hospital for breathing issues the year prior...anyways my son wakes me, i wake my sister she calls the ambulance...before the EMTs arrive my mom completely stops breathing, my husband and sisters fiancé are doing CPR and chest compressions...thankfully our children 5 of them didn’t see anything..

We follow the ambulance to the hospital, the first thing i do is light up a cigarette as soon as we get in the sister looked at me with serious disapproval and i told her to shut up as soon as we get through this. I will quit no matter how many times it takes..and mom will quit too even if we have to lock her up...she was a stubborn red head lol..9days later, 9days of ICU, 9days of pure hell...the doctors tell me my best friend, my sweet momma will not be coming home to us, she was brain dead      if anyone is keeping track this particular day is Christmas Eve... Her lungs were so restricted, she went without oxygen for too long...of course i had more test done and on the 27th of December i held my sweet mommas hand as she went home, but not my home. She went home to my dad and the good Lord...I am 34 yrs old, i have 4 kiddos(15,10,7 and 5mths). I have one sister who just turned 23 who has a son who just turned 4....we are both orphans...we both have so much life left that our parents will not be here for...i miss them so much!!

 my reason for being here....because i refuse to let my kids suffer the way my sister and i have without our parents!  I refuse to suck poison in my body anymore!

i have girls to wedding dress shop with, i have phone calls to receive about a new baby(hopefully in like 10yrs lol)...i have so much still! I miss my parents..cigarettes have taken so much from me and I’m done letting that happen!!! 


Sorry if the grammar, English and all that Jazz is crappy...I’m just typing and pressing publish!