Blog Post created by CessFinally on Feb 3, 2017

I was watching that Autopsy show they have on tv on celebrities the other day. Without naming names they interviewed a friend of the deceased. She stated he had told her he had a girlfriend. She asked, "Oh who? What is her name?'. He replied "Heroin". "She always makes me smile" or something like that. The reason that statement made me gasp (other than the obvious), is that in my newest readings on addiction, I have learned that addicts (me) do form a sick relationship with their drug of choice. I thought it was just me. I was just twisted in this sick way where my drug said, "Come here baby, I will make you feel better". And it did each and every time. It didn't seem to me that others had this "relationship". A very bad and mentally twisted state, Yes. But I have it and so did the deceased. Try not to judge, I am sick/ yes and no - I am an Addict and I am trying to learn that just like if a person is offering someone candy to get in the van. I can run. Run hard and fast. And learn this is only a drug. I can get pass this.