8/22/17  7:00pm

Blog Post created by CatsRsmart on Aug 31, 2017

Ran out of cigarettes. So this is what I consider my start time. Every time I tried to time my quit date with midnight & running out of a pack. It just didn't work. I just couldn't justify the money, the negatives or find any reason to continue. No patches, no gum. That cost money too and prolongs the addiction.

So I've been laying low,

Knowing I needed to give my body the three days to detox. Then the hurricane came. So glad I am still 100% nicotine free. The last day I made myself a list and I've been repeating that list and anytime that urge comes up. I tend to be a perfectionist so I knew to get past the first week, I needed to just put my head down and get serious with myself. So Cats here. 

Thanks for being there.