Noon Today

Blog Post created by CatsRsmart on Aug 10, 2017

Please don't anyone beat me up. I can do that. Today is day one, technically at noon. I have tried the time My Quit around a lot of things and it never seems to work out. I have decided to get seriously mad at my addiction my excuses, my willingness to pay money for cigarettes when I'm struggling just to survive.

It's Sink or Swim time here.

I know the mind is powerful. I will not have a hard day one. I will have a wonderful day one. I will not crave cigarettes. I will not sink  because I can't pay my bills because I chose to spend it on a lie.

I will not use the patch or replacement gum every time I've done that I so easily go back. I know it takes 3 days to get out of my system and the next 3 days my body is going to be detox. Honestly I feel like a fool being a Serial quitter but here I am.

No need to beat me up, just know that I have reached a place of survival

And I have faith God has a better plan for me. It is my choice weather to make the decision. Nicotine is an insane addiction it is horrible. I will block comments to this post

Because you all have been so gracious and giving to try to help me through this time again and again and I do not want to take more from you than I already have.