More Meds for Frank, Frances's Recovery, and a Surprise

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Oct 14, 2020

Good evening everyone!


I wanted to pop on here real quick to give you all an update.


Monday morning, I called the vet clinic because Frank's left eye was watery over the weekend.  I was told to bring him in along with Frances the next morning.  It only took two tries to get Frances inside a carrier and one try to get Frank inside a carrier.  Frances had Piggy for company, and Frank had Lambie for company.  We were at the vet clinic shortly before 7:30am.  Frank talked the entire way, while Frances listened.


They were able to see Frank while I waited in the car.  A short time later, a vet tech brought him back to my car (the vet clinic is doing curbside service) and told me that he was experiencing the very beginning of an upper respiratory infection.  He received an antibiotic shot, and they also applied ointment on his watery eye.  They sent me home with the ointment, which I am supposed to apply to his watery eye twice daily for seven days.  Today we are on day two.  


Shortly before 11am, I got a call from the vet clinic.  Frances had ear mites and fleas and was treated for both.  They would give me treatment for everyone, which would last a month.  They suggested giving me a spray, but my husband bought flea and tick home spray from Walmart last night.  


Frances did well. 


Shortly after I left the vet clinic after dropping off Frances, I received a call.  A vet tech asked which cat I had in my car because there was some confusion.  I told her that Frank was with me.  She then asked if Frances was scheduled for a spay, and I said that she was.


The vet tech paused, then said, "Well, Frances is a boy." 


I was in shock, but laughed and asked if we could keep the name Frances.  I had pulled up to my good friend April's house shortly before I received the call.  She laughed while I was on the phone.


When we got home, Frances kicked off his cone with his back leg.  I was pretty impressed with his skills.  He spent the rest of the day sleeping.  


This morning, my husband held Cheddar, Hope, and Frank while I applied Revolution between their necks and heads.  Holden sat in front of me while I applied his Revolution dose.  My husband also held Frank while I applied his eye ointment.


Frances has been sleeping most of the day.  As I am typing this, he just finished having some supper.  Now he is back on top of the small mountain of boxes in one corner of the spare room, his favorite spot.


It is one day a time for this family.  I continue to honor my winged fur baby Hannah (my avatar) by not smoking.  I hope she is purring from above.   



Frances recovering from his neuter in his favorite spot.

Pictured is Frances recovering from his neuter in his favorite spot. 10/13/20